Pengaruh Kualitas Pelayanan Pengemudi Transportasi Online Grabcar Terhadap Kepuasan Pelanggan Di Kecamatan Regol Kota Bandung [The Effect of Grabcar Online Transportation Driver Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Regol District, Bandung]

Istikomah Istikomah, Mochamad Farig Rega Hasan


Good transportation can reflect progress and order in a city. Transportation is one of the most important parts to smooth the wheels of the economy, because the better the transportation in an area or country, the better the economy is.
The research method used is descriptive quantitative method, this research is accidental, namely the determination of samples based on spontaneity factors, meaning that anyone who accidentally meets with the researcher and in accordance with the characteristics (characteristics), then that person can be used as a sample. Analysis of the data used is Rank Spearman correlation analysis, in addition to that the validity test is also conducted to determine the accuracy in measurements. Validity test results and instrument reliability tests of all valid and reliable variables X and Y. Calculations are carried out using the SPSS version 23 Software for Windows. Data collection techniques were carried out by interviews and questionnaires.
The results of the study show that the relationship between the work environment and employee job satisfaction shows a correlation coefficient () of 0.498, this means that the relationship between service quality and satisfaction of customer satisfaction shows a strong level, and the effect is 24.80%, whereas that t count is 5,104> t table which is only 1,980, this indicates that Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted. Thus the research statement and hypothesis that the researcher formulated at the beginning of the research hypothesis was accepted.
Based on the results of the study showed the lowest results found in the Customer Satisfaction Variable that is the dimension of Hope Conformity with a yield of 70%, the researcher suggested giving back information to the GrabCar drivers to comply with the price rules set by GrabCar and sanctioning the GrabCar driver who violated


Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction

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